• Please obey the lifeguards, waterpark staff and park rules at all times.

  • Read all signs and observe all attractions before riding.

  • Additional rules and requirements, such as height restrictions and rules of behavior are posted at each attraction for your safety.

  • NO RUNNING or DIVING anywhere in the waterpark.

  • Lifeguards enforce rules and respond to aquatic emergencies, but parents are ultimately responsible for the safety and supervision of their children.

  • All children and non-swimmers must be supervised and within arm’s reach of their guardian at all times.

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are recommended for all inexperienced or non- swimmers and are available in the park. These lifejackets are free to use on a first-come-first-serve basis and must remain in the waterpark. Approved lifejackets baring the U.S. Coast Guard emblem will be allowed into the park.

  • Proper swimming attire is required at Neptune Island. For your own safety, you may not swim in cut-offs or other clothing with rivets, zippers, or buckles.

  • Neptune Island is a family-friendly waterpark and reserves the rights to determine whether a guest’s attire is appropriate.

  • Pool water is not for drinking.

  • Park hours, activities and rides are subject to change based on weather and management’s discretion.

  • Management reserves the right to limit admission.

  • Management reserves the right to suspend privileges and refuse admittance to a person failing to comply with park rules.

  • Report all incidents/injuries to management.

  • Neptune Island is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. Locker usage is encouraged.


  • Balloons, rafts, floatation devices, snorkels and toys are prohibited in the waterpark.

  • All riders must remove/secure all loose articles before riding attractions.

  • No coolers, glass or outside food and beverages are allowed in the waterpark.

  • Please be aware that the waterpark environment can be damaging to electronic equipment; please use your discretion.

  • Video/Imaging recording devices are not permitted on attractions, in restrooms or changing areas.

  • Selfie sticks are not allowed inside the park.

  • Diaper changing is only permitted in restrooms.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult 16 years or older.

  • Guests with open sores, discharge, or who have had diarrhea within the last 2 weeks should not swim. You can spread germs to other swimmers in the water.

  • Please refrain from entering “Employees Only” designated areas.

  • By entering into Neptune Island Waterpark, guests grant the City of Hartsville and Neptune Island Waterpark the right to film, videotape or photograph their likeness for any purpose whatsoever without any payment.

It is the rider’s responsibility to know their height and weight to ensure their safety. Height signs are located in the park for your convenience. 
Failure to follow rules and us common sense may result in serious injury to yourself or others.

All ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Season passes are non-transferable. 


Swimwear Guidelines

Appropriate, lined swimwear is required as defined in our Swimwear Guidelines.

  • Swimwear must be colorfast, and of a low water absorbent, quick drying, lightweight material suitable for swimwear, such as Lycra, Spandex, or nylon.

  • No thongs or provocative swimwear permitted.

  • “Street” clothing, cutoffs, gym shorts, t-shirts, undershirts and bras are not permitted as swimwear.

  • Swimwear should not be so loose, or contain so much extra fabric, that it endangers the safety of the wearer or other swimmers.

  • Under garments are not allowed to be worn with bathing suits.

  • These rules will be enforced for both the safety and enjoyment of our valued guests. Aquatic staff reserves the right to check for proper swimwear.

  • If it is found that you are not wearing proper swim attire, you will be asked to exit the water.


What is Neptune Island Waterpark?

Neptune Island Waterpark is a family-oriented water adventure located in Hartsville, South Carolina. Neptune Island Waterpark is owned and operated by the City of Hartsville.

How do I get directions to the park?

Neptune Island Waterpark is located southwest of downtown Hartsville off Highway 151. Click here for directions.

When is Neptune Island open?

We are open on weekends in late spring, daily during the summer, and weekends during late summer. Click here for a detailed list of operating days, hours of operation, and more.

Are there days when Neptune Island will not be open?

Yes. Because we are an outdoor park with all water attractions, there are days we might not be able to open for guest comfort or safety. We typically make these decisions by 9am and we suggest you checkout our website, Facebook page or call 843-951-9400 for updates on questionable weather days. Neptune Island Waterpark reserves the right to be closed to the public and season pass holders for private events.

Does Neptune Island Waterpark charge for parking?

Parking at Neptune Island Waterpark is FREE!

Is there overflow parking?

Neptune Island Waterpark has 1 main parking lot just outside our Main Gate. However, on particularly crowded days, there may be a need for overflow parking. Luckily, Neptune Island is located adjacent to the Byerly Park Recreational Complex which boasts multiple additional parking areas just a short walk from the Main Gate. If you are concerned about the availability of parking, we do suggest carpooling with your party.

Do you have lifeguards on duty?

Yes. Neptune Island has lifeguards in all its attractions. All Neptune Island lifeguards are certified by Ellis and Associates, the leaders in water park safety.

Are there height restrictions for some of the slides?

For guests 48″ tall or taller, there are no restrictions (except in areas designed for young children). For those less than 48″ tall there are slide restrictions and the admission price is reduced. Height measurement stations are available at Admissions and at the base of attractions. Please be sure to measure accurately and remember safety first. All policies are at the discretion of Neptune Island management.


  • Piratesville Splash Pad- Must be under 48” to ride.
  • Neptune’s Revenge- Must be 48” or taller to ride.
  • Twin Sirens- Must be atleast 42" with lifejacket or 48" or taller to ride.
  • Trident Racers- Must be 42” or taller to ride.
May I bring my own life jacket and/or tube into the water park?

Outside lifejackets are permitted if they bear the “Coast Guard Approved” tag. We have complimentary life jackets available on racks throughout the park on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because of the active nature of our attractions, personal flotation devices, including children’s water wings, noodles, and tubes are not allowed in the park. All policies are at the discretion of Neptune Island management.

Does everyone need an admission ticket to enter?

Everyone entering Neptune Island must have an admission ticket. We do not offer spectator admission.

Do you have a spectator admission ticket?

All guests entering the water park must have a regular ticket. There is no way to separate or regulate those who are not using the attractions. Children 2 years old and younger are admitted for free with a reusable swim diaper (available at the Admissions office) and we offer reduced rates for seniors (ages 55 years old and older).

What is the re-entry policy?

You may leave and re-enter the park as needed. Everyone must get their hand stamped before leaving if they would like to re-enter. In addition to showing the hand stamp, guests must also show their ticket stub from that day or a season pass. Transferring hand stamps is prohibited. Guests will not be allowed to re-enter once the park has been closed.

Can I get money back for tickets already purchased if I find a discount offer later?

Because Neptune Island occasionally offers extra discounts or purchase incentives throughout the year, pricing is available as is only at the time the order is placed. Pricing adjustments will not be made for previous orders based on past or future promotions or sale prices. All orders are subject to cancellation.

What is the refund policy?

All tickets purchased online or at the park are non-refundable. Tickets are valid for the 2019 season and expire September 30, 2019. (No extensions are allowed)

Can I bring food and beverages into Neptune Island?

No outside food or beverages are permitted. Unauthorized items will need to be thrown away or returned to your vehicle. Neptune Island will not hold unauthorized items for guests. We suggest guests who are bringing food and beverage to keep all items in a cooler in their cars and use provided picnic areas outside the park to enjoy lunch or snacks. For the safety of all guests, no knives, glass items (including but not limited to jars, bottles, and mirrors), or other sharp or potentially dangerous items may be brought into Neptune Island and all bags are inspected upon entrance. Concealed weapons are not allowed on Neptune Island Waterpark property. Grilling is not permitted on Neptune Island or City of Hartsville property. You may only bring SOFT insulated tote bags into the park that are no larger than 8” X 10” x 8” (Lunch box size). Lunch box sized coolers can only contain factory sealed bottled water and ice packs (NO ICE).

What if I don’t want to eat at the restaurants or concession kiosks?

Several picnic tables are located in our parking lot, and are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Make sure to get your hand stamped at the entrance upon exiting the park, so you can re-enter when you are finished with your meal.

Is the food at Neptune Island expensive?

No. Food and beverage prices at Neptune Island are competitive with many popular fast food restaurants. Pizza, hot dogs, and burgers are available—as are healthier choices including fresh salads. We do allow factory sealed waterbottles into the park.

Does Neptune Island offer rainchecks in case of inclement weather?

Neptune Island is open every day of the season, rain or shine but can close for the day based on current poor conditions and a poor forecast. If we experience inclement weather that includes lightning (or some other extreme weather condition), the park will suspend operations until it passes. If the park is unable to reopen after 90 minutes of suspension, Neptune Island will close for the day. If the park closes for the day, all customers remaining in the park (except season pass holders) will receive a complimentary return ticket for a visit during the 2019 season. Guests MUST have their receipt to exchange for a complimentary return ticket. If the guest chooses to leave before the park is closed for the remainder of the day, they may bring their receipt to the Admissions Office within 7 days to exchange their tickets for a rain check ticket. This offer is only valid if the park is unable to reopen and closes for the day and is not valid for rain suspensions. No refunds will be given.

What should I wear?

Proper swimming attire is required. Any guests wearing clothes that are offensive, such as clothing with profanity will be asked to change. Swim diapers are required for tots. Thong style bikinis are not allowed. T-shirts are allowed on all attractions except speed slides. Cover ups for speed slides are permitted but must be skin tight rash guards. Water shoes are permitted in the Wave Pool, Lazy River, and Splash Pad. Water shoes are not permitted on any other attractions. All policies are at the discretion of Neptune Island management. For our complete Swimwear Guidelines, please see above.

Are lockers available?

Daily small rental lockers are available for $6.00. Multi person medium-sized rental lockers are available for $8.00 per day. Large family-sized lockers are available for $10.00 per day. We highly recommend use of a locker.

I want to make this a special day for my family or group. Do you rent private cabanas?

Yes we do. Cabanas overlook the Castaway Bay Wave Pool and Endless Abyss Lazy River. Cabanas are furnished with 4 chairs, a table and 2 lounge chairs. Cabana rentals also include wait staff service and other exclusive perks. Cabanas can accommodate 6 to 10 guests per cabana. Each guest will receive a wristband and only guests with wristbands will be allowed into the cabana areas. Make your reservations early! Cabanas reserved day of are on a first-come basis in person only.

What special events are planned for this year?

Please visit our events calendar for upcoming events. These include Mermaid Mondays, Labor Day Luau, Community Appreciation Days, and more!

How can I hear about special events and discounts?

Sign up to begin receiving our e-newsletter, for special offers and information on upcoming events by clicking here. Visit our Events page by clicking here. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagramand Twitter.

What is Neptune Island’s smoking policy?

Neptune Island is a smoke free facility. All City of Hartsville facilities, including Byerly Park and parking areas, are smoke free. This includes cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

What do I do if my party gets separated?

We know that when visiting the waterpark you might be concerned about getting separated during the excitement of your visit. It is important that each family or group establish a meeting point for family and friends. We recommend an area inside of the Main Gate at specific times throughout the day to check up on all group members. Neptune Island does not page for lost guests but any of our uniformed team members and Guest Services is always happy to assist you.

What if I lose an item while at Neptune Island?

Lost & Found is located at the Admissions Office at the entrance of Neptune Island. Any items found in the park should be returned to Lost & Found. Neptune Island will only hold items such as clothing, towels, floaties, etc. for up to two (2) business days before donating unclaimed items to a local organization. Valueables such as wallets, cell phones, jewelry, etc. will be held on site for up to fourteen (14) business days, after which time the items will be turned over to the Hartsville Police Department.